Summer and vacations are coming to an end as we transition back to school and work. There are a lot of decisions to make as we head into the 4th quarter including: hiring, moving offices, satellite offices and possibly increasing productivity to ensure a successful 2017 end of year. a medium-sized self-contained workspace

Designing your office and workflow is important and may impact productivity more than you realize. So instead of investing in new furniture, maybe used office furniture will work with your budget– here are some tips to consider before contacting an outside vendor.

Five Tips on Buying Used Office Furniture for 2017-2018:

  1. Develop a Purchasing Plan: Do an inventory of what you have. Check off those items that can still practically be used. Circle items that may need to be replaced. Assess what you need to buy from those lists. Then do online research of furniture that is timeless. Avoid purchasing trendy or “tiffany-style” furniture which may look nice but has limited use or may be out of style in a few months.
  2. Consider Employee and Client Comfort and Health: Your fellow employees may be using this furniture 40-plus hours a week. Their comfort and health should be a priority. Additionally, you want to provide comfortable furniture for clients and vendors for a positive visit to your office. So, consider ergonomic office furniture. This furniture may minimize work-related injuries, keep missed work days down and possibly reduce health insurance and worker’s compensation costs. Look for ergonomic office chairs with adjustable armrests, adjustable seat (forwards, backwards and angle of tilt), an ability to adjust seat height and adjustable lumbar support and request ergonomic solutions from the vendor. (For more information on ergonomic offic furniture standards visit this website:
  3. Choose value over price: Before you balk at the idea and say that you are hamstrung by budgeting, consider this: not all used office furniture that is priced economically (read “cheap”) is a good buy. Figure that any repairs or replacements will negate the “deal” that you got for the item. It could be costlier as time passes. Additionally, you may end up spending the same for its replacement that you would have, had you purchased a quality version of the same item. If possible, spend more for a quality furniture item that will last over time.
  4. Purchase with the future in mind: Think about how your used office furniture purchase will fit into the company brand and office use twelve to twenty-four months down the road or longer. Does the receptionist’s desk look and feel like the corporate brand? Is the ergonomic office chair outdated or is it a newer one that meets health standards? Is your conference room adaptable to video conferences and seminars?
  5. Contract with Vendor(s) that have strong customer advice and support: There are lots of used office furniture stores out there. You need a quality vendor which can assess ergonomics, warranties, uses and tax advantages for the items you buy. They should be able to answer all your questions and assist you in making the best decisions and then following up on the results. 

Fall is coming and your used office furniture needs can be met. Begin now by assessing those needs and developing a plan.

If you need office furniture immediately, used office furniture is a quick and easy option. Office Ergonomics LLC provides quick turnarounds and a budget friendly selection of used office furniture. Our inventory is updated regularly so give us a call and let us know what you need. ( Call us at (800) 360-6400 or at [email protected].