“Let’s get ready to move.”moving truck office ergonomics

That simple sentence has been known to send many business owners and their employees scurrying for the nearest Starbucks or barricading themselves in their cubicle, quaking with fear about having to do the inevitable: pack and move their office. Moving, even when it is a positive one, is very high on most people’s “Least Favorite Thing to Do in Life” list.

Yes, it can be tedious but it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, if you move your office with some organizational intention (i.e. planned like a champ), it might even be a positive experience.

So, if your business is planning on moving now or in the near future, here are Seven Ways You Can Get Ready for the Office Move:

  1. Plan the office move: This seems so elementary but many office moves, believe it or not, skip this step. They just wing it. However, this step is truly the most important. Moving a small office typically takes three months while a medium or large office takes six to nine months.
  2. Get blueprints of the new office location: Have a blueprint of the new office so you can find where outlets, lighting, windows, stairwells and other crucial elements of your new office are located. Additionally, figure out places in the office which may be potential problems such as smaller lobby, cubicle issues and compressed storage space. Now is the time to decide if you need any new office furniture. You can buy New, Used, and Refurbished. Take a look at our current catalogs here – NDI, Office Star, OfficeSource
  3. Develop a timeline: Most likely your move is determined by the end of your lease at the current office and the day it begins in your new office. So, you will have to figure out a timeline to have the desks moved, electricity and phone systems turned on, WiFi installed and turned on, furniture moved to the proper location and if you need to hire carpenters, electricians, painters and IT to do any work before you arrive (or even during the move.)
  4. Meet with the office team: Depending on the size of the office, your office manager may be able to coordinate the entire move or you may have to get a “Move Coordinator” in each department. Then, meet with each department or team member and review the plans and timeline. Answer any concerns and be encouraging to all involved. Also, meet regularly and be ready to make some accommodations. The plan, no matter how well thought out, will have some changes.
  5. Create an “Office Move” Budget: Your business has a budget and so should your move. Itemize all needed expenses. Get each department’s moving cost from the head of that department. Add any and all expenses including those in the new office. Make sure each department has signed off on the move and get approval from the CEO, of course. This should be completed before the timeline.
  6. Make assignments for each team member: Develop a public assignment list for everyone. Make sure each employee has a role in the move. Additionally, assign employees to call movers, electricians and other contractors, as needed, and confirm their jobs and dates that it should be completed.
  7. Be encouraging: This may seem pithy but don’t take it for granted. Moving an entire office is all a part of doing business, no doubt about it. However, it can also be quite stressful for employees. They are trying to do their jobs even while they prepare to move. It can damage their focus and morale. Be there to keep them encouraged and even plan a “Goodbye Old Office” party or some type of fun event as it comes to a close. Your people will appreciate your kindness and will reciprocate it during and after all the hubbub.

Moving an office is not most people’s favorite thing to do.  However, if planned well and executed smartly, it can be a positive experience.

If your business is planning to move and needs direction on how to do it, Office Ergonomics offers moving, disassembling, and reassembling of your existing office furniture upon request. (Visit our website page: http://www.officeergonomicsllc.com/products-services/)  Please contact Steve at 301-693-3295 or toll free at 1-866-360-6400 to discuss your needs so we can get started on planning a new look and function for your office.